Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A ton of firsts!

A lot has transpired over the last couple days. Dana and I are settling into a routine of living on a boat. We are currently at a quiet and serene anchorage in Cockrell Creek, VA just south of the Potomac River. We went out for a row in our dinghy at sunset to take in the scenery. Launching the dinghy to explore a new anchorage over the past few nights was a first.

Since Baltimore, we've anchored every night. No dock, shore power, wifi, nothing! These were the first times we anchored for the night on Eventyr. Each night was totally calm, not at all like that night back in Fairlee Creek where we were hugging the Jack pillow for support!  We spent a night in a creek just north of Annapolis after getting a late start from Baltimore and motoring much of the day due to wind direction, then to Solomons Island, MD last night.

Today we made a relatively long push despite leaving late, as usual. Although we got up before sunrise, I went to shore for a run and Dana rode our new bike for exercise and to explore Solomons. 

Another first, we met other sailors anchored near us who are on their way to the Intracoastal Waterway to Florida and eventually the Bahamas. Both couples we met had already made it down from Canada! I think there will end up being a whole community of folks heading south on their boats, and we'll run into each other at various points. They all seem to be quite a bit older than us. :-)

On our way south over the past couple days, we passed some picturesque sights and got boat chores done.

In a couple days, we'll be in the ICW heading south to Florida. Not sure what to expect, but we have guidebooks to give us a hand.

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