Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The adventure begins


After decades of dreaming, years of contemplating, months of preparing, and days of scrambling, we're off! With only 3 hours of sleep last night following frantic apartment cleaning and painting, trips to the storage unit, craigslist ads to give away our furniture, whole foods stock-up, boat mechanical upgrades, and of course a run, we finally shoved off from our slip at the Philadelphia Marine Center at noon today.

So to recap, how have we spent our last days leading up to the adventure?

Run a marathon in New Hampshire and qualify for the Boston Marathon 2015... check!

Bon voyage party with our friends and family... check!

Engine tuned up with new, more powerful alternator added thanks to Tim at Down Jersey Marine ... check!

P.s. take a look at the engine prior to the work (a real rust bucket!)

Solar panels installed on bimini thanks to Doug ... check!

Sail checked over and re-stiched where necessary thanks to Steve ... check!

Salon decorated in festive pirate-themed paraphernalia thanks to Ben and Maureen ... check!

Put our meager possessions in storage ... check!

Get a waterproof, high quality camera to replace our iPhones, thanks to John for the recommendation ... check!

Toast to Poseidon with scotch, again thanks to Doug ... check!

Throw off the dock lines and start the adventure of a lifetime ... check!

Now to get south where our solar panels can actually help charge our new fancy camera :-)

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  1. Bon Voyage you guys! There is snow on the ground in Wyoming. So you've got that going for you. Can't wait for more updates.