Monday, November 18, 2013

A beautiful wedding and VIP travel companions

It's been a whirlwind of activity over the past few days! Matt and Lauren's wedding was a wonderful time of good friends, camaraderie, awesome music, delicious food, and general good times in a breathtaking locale. Dana and I really had the time of our lives.

The rehearsal dinner was fantastic as well, and I got to give a heartfelt toast to my good friend Matt. Thanks again Panorama Toastmasters, I miss you guys and appreciate all your support improving my public speaking! 

Everyone seemed to be having such fun during the wedding, it was hard to say goodbye the next day. Matt and Lauren will soon be leaving on their own adventure, heading to Vietnam and Thailand for their honeymoon.

And what's better at the end of a night of dancing, imbibing, and catching up with old friends than a late night snack?

Whoever put this here was genius
Departing the Boca Raton Resort and Marina, Dana and I were joined in our travels by some VIPs. Chris Boyle, my freshman year roommate, with whom I created the idea of the adventure, and his love Hanna, hopped on board Eventyr for a trek down to Ft Lauderdale. Unfortunately, they can't join the adventure in a more significant way at the current time because he started a super exciting company that's bound for greatness He can't just walk away at the moment.

Boyle and Hanna stayed on Eventyr last night and we got to have a relaxing beach day today. Then they both left to get back to their real lives, Hanna to work in San Antonio and Boyle to meetings and such for his company. It was time well spent together, and I'm sad we're not sojourning the way we initially dreamt.

Over the next week or so, Dana and I will bounce around this area getting last minute stuff done to get Eventyr ready for offshore sailing. We'll also practice sailing out in the open Atlantic, as it will be a bit different than the Delaware River and Chesapeake Bay :-). Then, we wait for a window of favorable weather to make the 60 mile crossing, passing over the gulf stream, to Grand Bahama and the next leg of our eventyr.

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