Friday, November 8, 2013

Florida welcomes with gale force winds

Yesterday was a beautiful day of motoring from Georgia to Florida. Although we started in dense fog, it cleared after a couple hours and we ended up making good time.

I finally got a picture of a bald eagle. Typically skittish birds, this one allowed us to get a little closer, probably because of the fog.

After the fog cleared, the sun shone brightly and it was glorious. We passed through the St. Mary's River and entered Florida, where palm trees and white sand beaches abound.

After a bit of a traffic jam, we arrived at the Fernandina Harbor Marina, where we planned to stay the night.

Our intention, as usual, was to leave at the crack of dawn to make another good run. Unfortunately, mother nature had different plans. The dockhand who helped us into our slip warned of impending serious weather. Sure enough, a small craft advisory was issued for the next day. Upon waking, we had to make the call. The weather forecast warned of 40 mph winds building throughout the day, and one of the rivers we needed to navigate was expected to be ground zero.

It's a good thing we made such good time the last couple weeks, because we decided to take a day off. Discretion is the better part of valor. Instead, we wandered around the quaint town of Fernandina, rode our bikes to a Publix to load up on groceries, did some cleaning and organizing on the boat, and we'll head to the Salty Pelican in a few minutes to watch the UConn/Maryland game. Not a bad pit stop.

Tomorrow we'll be back to the daily grind ;-)

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